We meet in your home or at our studio, and guide you through a casual conversation about your objects of meaning (we'll even help you choose them) and the stories they tell.  We record, take photographs and listen closely.
We transcribe your stories and edit your photographs. Weaving these together, we create your custom piece of art.
Voila!  Your personal piece of art has been created to be relished for generations.
  • Give a meaningful gift 
  • Create a family heirloom
  • Preserve and share family history
  • Celebrate a special occasion
  • Downsize or prepare for a move
  • Document meaningful stories 
  • Prepare for end of life
  • Memorialize a loved one
  • Clear space or simplify  
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Laura Turbow

Laura has been a professional photographer since last century, when there were darkrooms.

She has received multiple grant awards to help people tell their life stories. View her work at www.ltphoto.com.

Rachael Friedman

Rachael is a psychologist and professor who teaches a course on aging at the Wright Institute in Berkeley.  She sits on the steering committee of the non-profit At Home With Growing Older. Rachael’s passion is helping shift societal perspectives of aging.

"You were an amazing interviewer.  I did, indeed, feel like I had had a therapy session. You really opened my heart.  I really loved the project and have shared my experience with many friends and family member.  I was extremely comfortable with you.   The time I spent with you stayed with me for many days.  I had dreams about my family the next night. Lots of nostalgia about that space and time.  You also opened my eyes to the thread that has connected me to sewing. Memories of my uncle and my grandmother, for whom I was named and the legacy they both passed on to me."

510.402.8015 | Albany, CA
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