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Mother's Nightgown

This is the white silk nightgown that my mother wore on her wedding night. I have

always admired it, and loved the smooth, sensuous feel of it in my hand. You don't see

such elegant silk today, unless you’re spending hundreds of dollars. I wondered how my

mother looked in it. I can only imagine how glamorous she must have felt. I would have

loved to put it on to see if I would look like a movie star from the 20s and 30s, but I am a

completely different size.

Times and styles change. Today, such an elegant thing might be appropriate for

someone to wear as a retro wedding gown. Maybe the next time our whole family is

together, I will get it out and ask our daughter Laura, and granddaughters Holly and

Clara, if they would like to try it on to have some fun. We could take pictures of them in

it. Maybe one of them would even like to keep it to wear some time, even if it’s just for


­-- Marilyn Margulias


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