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Woodstock Keepsakes and Flashbacks

Souvenirs, even some petrified fruit, that recall the songs, the throngs and the vibes of not just another music festival.

Shoes Were the First Step in the Relationship

Other running shoes get donated or tossed, but these Asics—the shoes that gave me so much more than mileage—will stay put.

How a Simple Story Can Make What You Sell More Valuable

Sharing stories about personal objects is not just meaningful, it is a smart way to increase their values before selling them.  Read this sales article by Paul Smith or read the story about Marlon Brando's watch in the Sunday NYTimes,

These Boots Were Made for Talkin'

These boots took the first American to Everest’s summit

What will be showcased for your bicentennial birthday?

The bicentennial of New York’s most celebrated literary son is being commemorated with three exhibitions.

What They Carried: Eight objects that survived a lifetime of moves

YES. YES. YES. This article is exactly what we think is important. 

These Objects Really Do Tell Their Own Stories

Everything Is Alive is such a fun listen! Still Life Stories is all about telling YOUR story inspired by personal objects. This podcast is about the object itself telling their own story. What? A baseball cap has its own story?

11 things to do before you downsize your home, according to an expert who gets hired by seniors to help them declutter

This is a great article about what to do if you are downsizing. It is missing one tip that could be squeezed in there between "Keep things you want, use, need, or like to look at" and "Don’t over-save for the next generation". And the tip of course, is to hire Still Life Stories to help share the stories of your treasured objects rather than put your family heirlooms in storage or pass them on to a generation who wants stories over stuff.

As a kid she used to dream that if you buried all your stuff in the ground it would turn into candy.

One big difference between Still Life Stories and Maayan Zilberman's approach to honoring important personal object is sugar!

Survivors Write The Captions To Their Own Portraits

Proof that adding one's written words to our project can be significant. 

Marie Kondo and The Ruthless War on Stuff

Kids don't want parents' junk, but they do want their stories. All the sentiment, none of the clutter.

Writing a ‘Last Letter’ When You’re Healthy

...encourage people to write a last letter to their loved ones. It can be done when someone is ill, but it’s really worth doing when one is still healthy, before it’s too late.

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